CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry’s son involved in Rs400 million corruption scam, vetren journalist twisting facts

By Sarmad Ali


Islamabad, June 6 (www.pakdestiny.com) Finally Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s son Arsalan Iftikhar’s corruption of at least Rs400 million has come to fore, thank to Shaheen Sehbai who in a bid to save the ‘justice system’ in Pakistan played a role of a whistleblower.


[youtube v0hNxhiknLc nolink]

Dr Arsalan was first caught during Gen Musharaf’s regime by journalist Ansar Abbasi for misusing his father’s position to get posting in police as ASP and Assistant Director in Federal Investigation Agency. Mr Abbasi preferred to ‘pardon’ him once the free judiciary movement kicked off after the sacking of Mr Chaudhry by Gen Musharraf.

Now Dr Arsalan, a police-cum-realtor, again in the lime light not for different reasons. He has reportedly made millions of rupees during the last couple of years, exploiting fully his father’s position. He also got millions of investment in his ‘mysterious business’ from real estate tycoon, Malik Riaz.  He even received millions from different parties on the promise of getting them favourable judgement from his father’s Supreme Court. So much so his several foreign trips had been sponsored by the interested parties as well as MR.

Now these parties including MR had presented the proof of Dr Arsalan’s illegal wealth he made in last two years to the government.

According to vetren journalist Shaheen Sehbai the documentary evidence is also with Hamid Mir, Kamran Khan, Qamar Zaman Kaira and Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan.

There are reports that some personalities in judiciary and media are persuading CJ Chaudhry to announce ‘disowning’ of his son and save his reputation otherwise the nation will not forgive him. Mr Chaudhry is very frustrated these days over what his son has done. There is a big question whether Iftikhar Chaudhry will order ‘independent’ investigation into the case of his own son like that of Moonis Elahi and Ali Moosa.


Shaheen Sehbai in an interview in Washington said Dr Arsalan had made Rs300millions toRs400 millions. In fact he said the amount has been given to the CJ’s son to frame him. And ironically he readily accepted it to be framed, is not it lovely conspiracy theory.

Sehbai said video clips had also been made and it would be even bigger scandal than that of Memogate. He called it “Familygate” scandal. He said the CJ was not aware of the ‘business’ actitivities of his son.

He said Arsalan admitted that he had done something wrong and he was ready to go to jail.

Sehbai said the CJ said he would not stand by his family if it had done something wrong. Let’s see what our independent judiciary does in its champion CJ Chaudhry’s son’s case. Be fair or perish. (www.pakdestiny.com)


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