Conflicting versions on Naeem Bokhari injury in London

Conflicting versions on Naeem Bokhari injury in London

By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) Know lawyer Naeem Bokhari is seriously injured and is being treated in a London hospital.

There are confusing reports emerging of his injury.

One account to says PTI leader Naeem Bukhari was beaten outside Playboy Club on Park Lane by brothers of a 23 year old English girl after a drunken Bukhari touched her inappropriately. “Beaten with iron rods. 3 ribs and skull broken, both legs fractured, in ICU. sent as recieved. sad pathetic.”
This being circulated on the social media… many say this account has emerged from the PMLN social media team.

While the other account says he fell at the pathway of metro London and suffered head injuries.
His family has maintained the second account of the story of his injury.
The family plans to get issued a video of Mr Bokhari once he is stable. Pak Destiny

Exclusive and latest footage of Naeem Bokhari from hospital


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