Aseefa trolled for questioning 100 U-turns of Mr U-turn in first 100 days of PTI government


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By Nazim Malik

Aseefa Bhutto-Zardari was trolled on social media by Imran Khan lovers only to question 100 U-turns by PTI government in first 100 days in power.

Aseefa through her tweet asked Khan to tell the performance of his government in first 100 days.
“From IMF to South Punjab; from protocol to living in official residences; from awarding contracts after due process to posting bureaucrats on merit; from no misuse of power to no corrupt ministers. There is nothing this govt hasn’t made a U-turn on! #100Days100Uturns”.

For Aseefa it has become a crime for her to question “terrific’ performance” of PM Khan who and his team is only good at making false claims.

The Youthias trolled her on social media for exposing PTI’s full of U- turns in first 100 days. It’s nothing but a shame for Khan who with passage of every day gets exposed by his U-turns.

Mr U-turn and his sentimental supporters should have some heart to bear criticism. Pak Destiny


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