A crumbling education system in Pakistan especially Punjab

  (Pak Destiny)  Being a father I always wanted my children to get good education so I tried to get them a good school. I myself is a teacher and my earnings are mediocre so I can’t afford to get my children to O-levels. I remained with the PTB (Punjab Text Book Board ).

I have five children and they all are still at school level. I live in Gulshan-e-Ravi and got my kids admitted to the best school of the area. This year my elder daughter has to appear in 9th board exam, she started her 9th in that school and started getting 40 per cent marks. It was a wake-up call for me. I visited school many times but no results so I had to take her to an expensive academy and she started producing good results.
Story doesn’t end here, my other kids were studying in the same school. One day my younger daughter who is in Grade VI gave me her midterm result with 40 per cent marks, she told me her supervisor wanted to see me, next day I took an early off from my school and reached to my daughter’s school and what you know, they told me the supervisor was not available.
Next day I went to the school and met the principal, I asked him why I was called, he told me that my daughter was not getting good marks so I was responsible. I told him that I was busy and couldn’t find time to teach my daughter but her mother was teaching her. I’ll start teaching her now and she’ll come back to 90 per cent like she did last year. He didn’t believe it, I asked him to get the last year’s result. So it was true, I asked him what was the responsibility of the school if parents have to teach their children. I also told him the story of my elder daughter’s marks decline but he just said, it was impossible, he was not ready to take any responsibility.
It was position of a private school, now you can imagine the condition of government schools. The point I want to raise here is this, who is responsible for this decline?  How can our children  compete where for homework you need another tutor? This is why a mushroom growth of private expensive academy is there all around.
Question still remains, who is responsible?
I think I myself should try to give the answer. In the field of education things have gone worse with the passage of time, the way rulers are busy in making money by building  bridges and roads has ruined the entire structure of education.
     Seemingly the whole system is  crumbling, there’s no one to rescue it, children of the elite has already left this system, their parents have made a lot of money by cuts and commissions to teach them abroad so left the people like us.
As a teacher perhaps I would be able to teach my children but it is early to say, even the fate of my children is still unknown,  what do we promise to the rest of the children? How are we going to get their dreams fulfill, as a Muslim I’m an optimist but the current conditions don’t let me think positively. I still hope some measures would be taken in this regard and our education system might come to a reasonable track. Hope for the good with sore heart. – Pak Destiny  — This blog is written by Asif Masood


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