Cyril records his statement in Dawn leaks but refuses to divulge the name of the ‘sources’


By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) Finally Dawn’s reporter Cyril Almeida on Wednesday recorded his statement before a seven-member committee constituted to investigate ‘security leaks’ in Islamabad.

Dawn’s editor Zafar Abbas, former information minister Pervaiz Rashid and Shahbaz Sharif’s adviser on information Muhammad Maalik have already recorded their statements to justice (R) Aamir Raza Khan’s committee.
Sources told Pak Destiny that Cyril who just returned from the US did not tell plainly who was his sources fed him this ‘anti-army’ story ‘civilians tell army act against militants or face international isolation’ published in Dawn on Oct 6.
The sources said the committee members insisted to reveal his sources but Cyril stuck to the point that he could not divulge the names. The committee is likely to summon Cyril again after completing the debriefing of the other members. Lets see if the committee succeeds in catching the persons behind this saga. — Pak Destiny


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