Dawn TV’s goof up in Reham Khan’s episode

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) DawnNews today goofed up on the coverage of Nikah of Imran Khan and Reham Khan.
In its silliest act ever, the Dawn TV ran the Nikah news of Imran Khan telling its audience for hours that “today there is Nikah of Imran Khan, PTI chairman, but who is the lucky lady going to be the wife of Khan, it will be known later.”
In the begging it appeared that Dawn TV is making some kind of a joke. However, when it broadcast the news for a considerable time, audience like me started wondering whether it is acting like a goof or it did not want to disclose the name of Rreham who is currently associated with it (Dawn TV).
However, later when someone asked the TV management to stop acting goof, then it started flashing it ” breaking news … DawnNews anchor Reham Khan has cleaned bowled Imran Khan. Imran is marrying Reham”. It appeared so foolish that one simply cannot stop laughing at Dawn TV’s silliest act ever before switching on to any other reasonable TV channel.
“It was a class act of goof up… by Dawn TV”.
Dawn TV is welcome to clarify on this novel act. Pak Destiny will publish DawnNews’ view point. – Pak Destiny

Pitcure of Imran Khan And Reham Khan' Nikah

Pitcure of Imran Khan And Reham Khan' Nikah

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