By Alishba Haroon


Capturing an unprecedented aerial footage of this dismal world the only question that intrudes my thought is, “what shall be blamed for the deprivation of happiness and joy that people had a few decades before?”

The aftermath of my research concluded with the most prevalent, lugubrious and brisk issue , that has to some extent its hand for flaring up aggressiveness, is DIVORCE.

Divorce or dissolution of marriage is an act of deterioration and havoc. It hunts the two families committed in the bond of marriage and corrodes it up into adversary and hatred.

Divorce is a legal ending of marriages. Throughout the world there is a high increase rate for  the cases of divorces. The query is “Why with every sun rise a new court proceeding for the case of divorce commence?”

The answer is in the causes of this separation. Firstly, some arrange marriages could be blamed for its dissemination. Parents choose their children spouse and restrict them to marry without even asking their own consent.

From here it begins, the seed of compromise bowed in the ground. It’s a fact that relationship do require compromise but it also should be taken under consideration that while choosing one’s  own life partner does not require any compromise or sacrifice of wishes. However, this is much reduced in the upper and middle class due to awareness but still is stringent in the lower class

Moreover love marriages is also not a very good solution to decrease the rate in divorces. Sometimes love marriages do not prove flawless. Where some arrange marriages are done without asking for the opinion of  bride and the groom thus in the case of few love marriages , this wedlock is done without the consent of parents. Marriage is just not a game of two, it’s a treaty signed between two families.

My point is not to discourage love marriages but to aware those who go against their parents that parents will never let their children make a wrong decision as they are the one’s to nourish them. It is perfectly true, love marriage is a union of two individuals based upon mutual love and affection. However in Asia  mostly love marriages are frowned upon. Love marriage is not a sin.

Children must trust their parents and should put their choice for their partner in front of them. There is no offence in declaring one’s own choice. Thus if parents agree, love marriages take precedence over arranged marriages.

Looking forward, some divorces take place due to the problems occurring after marriage. In today’s evolutionary world men and women stand shoulder to shoulder with each other, however families of narrow minds who still think women is inferior to men becomes great hurdle to this bond of mutual understanding. The arrogance of being from the son’s side ruins both families. Paying heed to this very vital issue families should change their thought of regression and consider the opposite side equal to themselves.

Moreover living a life without compromises is indispensable. Marriage certainly requires a need of sacrifice and tolerance from both sides. In early times it was just the woman who use to praise her husband but with time, woman of today’s world has got much more wisdom and is well veteran thus she requires much more respect which was clothed back in ancient times.

However joint family system is another significant cause to divorce. Some girls may not render themselves in this environment. Here comes the role of parents, before deciding to where to send their child they must train them to face those hurdles too. Families Who have joint system must too be really cooperative to the newly added member of their family.

Lastly some people also do have demands for qualification or degree for their partaker. They must also circumspect if they have demands they must too be prepared,  should be financially stabled and capable of fulfilling the demands of high career oriented woman. Making those women busy in house chores or expecting from them to sit at home and nourish children will only lead to quarrels and fray.

To combat this menace I have stated above problems with their solution. This prevalence should come to its halt if not then it will keep on destroying precious relations between brothers, sisters and so on.


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