Dr Moeed Pirzada is facing up to three years imprisonment for his offense in UAE

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad (Pakdestiny.com) Anchorperson Dr Moeed Pirzada, who was arrested in Abu Dhabi for allegedly trying to get the ‘thumb impression’ of his ailing father on blank papers to illegally sell his property, may face imprisonment up to three years in the Arab land.

Sources said Pirzada has hired a top lawyer in Abu Dhabi who assured him that he would get him acquitted.
However, the offence he committed is likely to send him behind the bars for up to three years if he is declared guilty.
Pirzada had forgot about CCTV cameras when he was taking thumb impression of his father. The hospital staff had immediately called the security that handed him over to police for prosecution.
“The wife of Pirzada also rushed to UAE to see him. His friends out there are also trying hard to save him from a possible verdict of three years,” the sources said.
Pirzada was arrested on Aug 4. He tweeted before leaving for UAE that he was going abroad to “spend time with his father”, who he said was “critically ill”. But in actual he was “after his money”. What a shame for Pirzada. He is another slur on the ‘anchorocrasy’ of the Pakistani electronic media.
Moeed Pirzada was currently working as a lead anchor with Waqt News and was a columnist for The Nation. Pakdestiny

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