Dr Shahid Masood’s family is embarrassed, pressuring him to quit journalism after facing extreme humiliation for his fake claim in Zainab case

By Raza Ruman
(Pak Destiny) One wonders if this so-called Dr Shahid Masood, a TV anchor, has an iota of respect left in him he should quit journalism after the three-member joint investigation team (JIT) appointed by the Supreme Court slapped on his face with its report saying “every single claim made by him in Zainab murder case was without any sound basis”.
“Virtually every single claim made by Dr Shahid Masood has been shown to be without any sound basis,” said the report submitted to the apex court.
Dr Shahid had claimed to hang him if his startling disclosure about the suspect Imran Ali turned out to be fake. “As the court may not sentence him for hanging he should better hang up his profession… of course we do not ask him to die in a little water holding close to his nose,” sarcastically remarks a fellow journalist.

He said Dr Shahid is seriously quitting journalism profession as he has a strong pressure from his family members.
“How much more humiliation you will face, asks one of his family members to him,” his friend said.
On Jan 29, the Supreme Court had constituted the JIT consisting of Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Bashir Memon, Joint Director of the Intelligence Bureau (IB), Islamabad, Anwar Ali and Assistant Inspector General (Operation Division) of Islamabad police Asmatullah Junejo to dig out the truth and determine the veracity of allegations levelled by Dr Masood.

Dr Shahid is seriously quitting journalism profession as he has a strong pressure from his family members.

The JIT was tasked with recording the statement of Dr Masood and considering any material the anchorperson desired to produce in support of his claim during the inquiry. The team had to collect any other relevant material available from other quarters to furnish its report in the court within a month.
In his programme on ‘News One’ television channel, Dr Shahid had claimed that prime suspect Imran Ali arrested by the Punjab police on the allegations of raping and then killing Zainab was an active member of a child pornography ring being run by certain influential people.
He said the convict also maintained over 37 bank accounts majority of which were in foreign currency with transactions in dollar, euro and pound sterling.
The JIT report carries more humiliation for the shameful doctor as it said, “no evidence was provided by Dr Masood to suggest that Imran Ali had a transaction of 1.6 million euros, rather he was a poor man.”
About the allegations that a sitting federal minister was involved in violent crime pornography or patronised Imran Ali, the JIT stated that no such evidence came to light.
Dr Shahid if sticks to this profession the real journalists should pour heap of scorn on him so that such gutter journalist is ousted from this profession. – Pak Destiny


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