Media owners sack hundreds of journalists in Pakistan on the pretext of not getting ads, workers to take media ‘seths’ to task

By Raza Ruman

The media industry’s bubble has burst. Yesterday about 100 employees of Dunya Media Group received termination letters in Lahore head office.

Dozens of employees sacked by Samaa News and ARY News as well. The axe has already fallen on other electronic and print media workers.  The other media groups have also made lists regarding sacking journalists. And the reason the media owners is giving that they are not getting ads from PTI government.

In fact it is not only the ads but underhand financial benefits they were earlier receiving from the PMLN government and making billions.

Now making excuse of ads the media owners are giving an impression that the PTI government is hostile towards media.

The media workers should besiege the owners for sacking them. They should not let these owner get away with this crime. Pak Destiny

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