End of the world for Nawaz?

By Fayyaz Butt

(Pak Ddestiny) A monkey was on the top of a tree. He was thinking about that he is on the top of the pyramid and can visualise everything. All of a sudden, a hunter aimed at him to shoot. The monkey shouted, “Man… don’t shoot me. If you do so, the world will end”.

The hunter was surprised and could not understand and shouted, “You are lying. You just want to save yourself.” Monkey said: “Ok do it and see the result” The hunter shoot at him … monkey dropped from the tree. Hunter reached and asked him while he was in his last breath. “World does not end,” hunter quipped. Monkey said: “This is end of the world for me”.

So is it end of the world for our Nawaz Sharif? Pakistan is moving ahead so does the PML-N. New premier – Shahbaz Sharif – is taking over and after him someone else.


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