Fake news echoes in Pakistan too after the US- ‘Fake interview of Qatari prince causes uproar

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By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) After fake WhatsApp call story, now appears a fake interview of ‘Qatri prince’ – Qatar’s former prime minister Prince Hamad bin Jassim Al-Thani – who had written a letter to rescue Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The ‘fake’ interview of the Qatari prince was today published by the Jang/The News and its websites. According to senior journalists and former Jang/News staffers Nazir Leghari and Amir Zia,  nothing could be more fake than this interview of Qatari prince managed by the Jang group.

This is a classic example of fake news which these day Trump is talking of in the United States as he is bitten by it.

Nazir Leghari has urged the JIT/Supreme Court to take notice of this fake interview of Qatari prince and make the Jang media group part of this before the JIT goes to Qatar and meets the prince.

What the Jang/The News interview of Qatari prince is all about … lets go through “The Qatari prince has promised to provide all details of his businesses with the Sharif family if members of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) visit him in Doha.

“He has made it clear that he was ready to meet the team face-to-face. After coming to know that the JIT members have contacted the Supreme Court registrar for making arrangements for their Qatar visit, The News special reporting team contacted Prince Hamad in Doha. His close circles told the reporting team that the prince stands by each and every word he had provided to the Supreme Court of Pakistan about his businesses with the Sharif family. The close circles said the prince was also ready to prove, through documentary proofs, whatever details he had earlier provided to the SC bench, hearing the Panama Papers case.”

“Prince Hamad said neither he had any investment in Pakistan nor he was a Pakistani national and, therefore, he was not bound to appear before any investigation team in Pakistan. However, he added, he had great respect for laws of all countries of the world, including Pakistan. Nevertheless, he was not bound to follow all laws of Pakistan, he added.”

The interview further said:  “The reporting team contacted Prince Hamad twice, and came to know through his very close circles that he was very upset over the way his issue was handled in Pakistan irresponsibly. According to Prince Hamad, the business relationship with a Pakistani family spanning over decades could not be presented in a diluted manner, as it developed successfully after the creation of Pakistan. It was expansion of their business empire that the then government nationalised their industries too along with the other big industrial units in 1972.”

“But it is very unfortunate to see that these honest and respectable people were not encouraged in Pakistan, as they not only ensure a comfortable life for themselves on the basis of intelligence and progress but also provide jobs to a large number of their compatriots. They started business abroad due to compulsions but regularly sent money to Pakistan.”

“The JIT would be given highest-level security in Qatar upon its arrival. Legal experts say if the documents presented by the Qatari prince to the Supreme Court are verified and Prince Hamad’s statement is obtained, then the direction of the entire issue will change in the Sharif family’s favour.”

Going through the main parts of this ‘fake’ interview shows that the Jang/News/Geo media group of Mir Shakilur Rehman is busy 24/7 to save its new master and ready to venture any thing for that. — Pak Destiny


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