Will Rameeza Nizami take action against Salim Bokhari for calling parliamentarians ‘Pimps’ to maintain journalism standards?

By Raza Ruman

Will Rameeza Nizami take action against Salim Bokhari, the editor of her publication ‘The Nation’ for calling the parliamentarians “pimp”.
In a Wasim Badami show the other day Salim Bokhari called parliamentarians Bharwas (pimps).
Although he took back his words but he did not apologise for using such a bad and dirty word for parliamentarians. So much so another anchor Kashif Abbasi who was present in the show as well said no apology is required.
What a big shame for anchors who otherwise would have gone made demanding apology from the person who called any of their colleagues pimp. On the insistence of the journalists Imran Khan had to apologise from a journalist for calling him uncouth for his indecent question.
It will have to see whether parliamentarians get together and demand apology from Bokhari. Rameeza Nizami whose publications and broadcast maintain code of ethics will have to either fire Bokhari or make him apologise to up hold that standards of journalism. Let’s see how Ms Rameeza reacts. Pak Destiny

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