FIA’s action against journalist generates debate on freedom of speech or hurling abuses in its name

By Shoiab Wahab

Debate ensued on socoal media on freedom of speech following arrest of journalist Rizwanur Rehman Razi.
The Federal Investigation Agency cyber crime on Saturday arrested Razi for uploading of defamatory and obnoxious posts against the judiciary, government institutions and intelligence agencies of the country. Razi is hosting a programme on Din News. Razi is granted bail and now he will become champion of freedom of expression here and abroad.

Interestingly Din News owned by Mahmood Sadiq who is close to Nawaz Sharif.

Razi is booked under sections 11 and 20 of PPECA-2016, 123-A and 500 of Pakistan Penal Code. He may face imprisonment up to seven years.
“During the course of inquiry, the initial analysis of the questioned images and upon tracing of the alleged defamatory posts, it revealed that the said social media posts were made through a count of Twitter namely @RaziDada having web link i.e. httpps://twitter.com/RaziDada. It has been further analysed that the said twitter account is associated with Rizwanur Rehamn Razi of Din News as reflected on the said account,” says the FIR
Razi earlier had joined the inquiry and confessed that he uploaded the alleged posts against the judiciary and other departments through his own twitter account which has been in his use since 2011. He said he was very embarrassed for the alleged posts and apologised.

Razi is granted bail and now he will become champion of freedom of expression here and abroad.

But he is not stop.
Following his arrest journalists divided on the FIA action.
One section was of the view that Razi’s arrest is an attack on freedom of speech the others said freedom of speech comes with responsibility. It doesn’t mean a journalist or any one else has right to hurl abuses at the state institutions especially army and judiciary.

This is not a madir pidar azad society.
The FIA needs to investigate why Razi doing this despite being a senior journalist knowing exactly what he was doing. Was it a love for the Sharif family or else prompting him to go all against the institutions with dirt? Pak Destiny


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