Former minister’s family pays Rs7 crore to Zain’s family to save its scion

By Sarmad Ali

( The former minister’s family has reportedly paid Rs7 crore (Rs70 million) to the family of Zain who was killed by the minister’s son Mustafa Kanju.

As per the prosecution, Kanju was allegedly drunk when his luxury car hit another car driven by a woman, who was never identified by the investigators. It said Kanju got infuriated and opened fire at his opponent party. However, the woman had already driven away from the scene and Zain and Husain, the passers-by, were hit by the firing. Zain succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. Kanju had escaped from the scene and later was arrested from Khushab.

Yesterday the ATC acquitted Mutafa, son of former state minister Siddique Kanju, and his four security guards of the murder of Zain, an orphan young boy, for “lack of evidence”. Interestingly all 14 witnesses refused to identify Mustafa. Earlier, the witnesses had identified him.

Sources said the minister’s family paid Zain’s family and some witnesses a total amount of Rs7 crore to settle the issue. “Since the Zain’s family had no other option it accepted the offer of the Kkanju family.”

A deputy prosecutor opposed the application and said complainant Sohail Afzal had told the media time and again that Mustafa Kanju killed his nephew. However, he said, the complainant later retracted.

“The Zain family had tow option – get money OR to face the wrath of the Kanju family – it went for the first option,” the source said. Pak Destiny

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