Geo’s license likely to be cancelled after Defence Ministry moves to PEMRA: No let up in fight

By H M Azeem

Islamabad, April 22 (Pak Destiny) Geo News is likely to be banned after the defence ministry moved the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority against for cancellation of its license for maligning ISI.
However, the PML-N government that is allegedly hand in glove with the Geo to defame ISI may come to its rescue.

President Mamnoon has already fired PEMRA head Chaudhry Rashid for not taking dictation from its powerful ministers.
Intelligence sources told Pak Destiny the ISI had been under the impression the PMLN government deliberately let the Jang group defame ISI.
“Right now civil-military tension is quite high. ISI is not going to spare Geo for following Jewish and Indian agenda this time,” the source said.
On the other hand, Jang group main anchor Ansar Abbasi and his team is widely being labelled as “traitors” by other media groups for targeting ISI.
Abbasi has been trying hard to defend himself and his team members – Umer Cheema and Ahmed Noorani.
Iftikhar Ahmed and Amer Liaquat also been labelled traitors in this episode.
“This time there is no Iftikhar Chaudhry who dances to the tune of Geo,” the sources said.
Poor Iftikhar must be thinking sitting at his drawing room that had he been the CJ he would have taken suo motu against ISI chief Gen Zaheer and summoned him at his court. He should be happy to safe his corruption king son.
Let’s see how government further clips the wings of PEMRA. To save Geo. – Pak Destiny

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