Gold Plated Commode of Murree Governor House – 60 Crores Spent On Its Facelift

Yesterday Sherry Rehman tweeted royal pictures of Murree Governor house and revealed more than 60 croroes spent of the face lift of Murree Governor House. And acording to her gold plated toilet is “tasteless”. Well many agreed and many disagreed. Then there started tweet war on this issue. Here are the pictuers of governor house and below you can read different opinions. First lets read what Sherry Rehman tweeted

The tasteless new golden toilet and rooms at Governor House Murree. The whole facelift cost Rs 60 crores.

Murtaza Solangi found the funny side

سچا پٹواری not found any objection on this issue rather he liked to counter attack on PPP

Anwar khan seems to have the real and right concern over such lavish spending

And at last a user summed up the whole issue with this realistic “notion”

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