Good News : “Detective” Ayesha Gulalai Tracks Down Who’s Behind Attack on Ahmad Noorani, Its Imran Khan

Fast and furious “detective” Aysha Gulalai has discovered Imran Khan is behind the attack on journalist Ahmad Noorani of Jang Group. Before this nobody knows Gulalai’s such capabilities even Scotland Yard is thinking over to refer some cases to Gulalai.

She also has given Imran Khan a new name Altaf Hussain Part 2. And after knowing Imran Khan’s such “henious” activities I would suggest every citizen of Pakistan “اگر جان پیاری ھے تو اگلی دفعہ عمران خان کو ھی ووٹ دینا، ورنہ۔۔۔” you know what happens after “warna” because Imran Khan is now BHAI… | PakDestiny

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