Government unlikely to bring law against parody programs featuring politicians

By Iram Salim

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Why PML-N government is not interested in bringing a law in the parliament to stop the private TV channels from insulting the politicians in the name of ‘parody’, ask PPP Senator Rehman Malik.
“TV channels have also been ridiculing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in their satirical shows but the government was unwilling to initiate any legal action against them,” he said, perhaps the government does not want to take action against some of its favorite channels.
Malik asked other Senate members to come up with legislation against satirical television programs that have been ridiculing politicians for several years.
“The comedy programs (referring especially the GEO TV, Dunya TV) have been mocking politicians under the garb of parody. These programs are so insulting which nobody can watch along with the families as they present politicians as jokers,” he said.
But the PML-N government has shown no indication to bring any such legislation. Pak Destiny

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