Grouping emerge in BOL TV before its launch next month

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) BOL TV which is being tagged as ‘BOL-GEO’ is ready to start its test transmission by the end of next month.
Since BOL has hired more than 60 per cent staff of Geo media group, BOL TV tends to lose its individuality. Watching BOL TV will be more or less like watching GeoNews-2 once its launched next month.
BOL administration which has no experience in media industry is banking on the Geo guys to deliver. But right now reports of grouping in the team BOL is emerging. As the BOL has hired an army of anchors they want their say in the hiring of reporters, producers and district correspondents. Three powerful anchors – Iftikhar Ahmed, Kamran Khan and Nusrat Javed – want to have the men of their lobby in the BOL.
Shoaib Sheikh, the owner of BOL, is said be upset over the groupings in the organisation and the BOL-Geo’ TV is facing crisis before its launch. Pak Destiny

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