Hamza Shahbaz was using Murree’s Governor House like a “Mughal royal”… will Shahbaz Gill have us tour of Banigala?

Hamza Shahbaz was using Murree's Governor House like a "Mughal royal"... will Shahbaz Gill have us tour of Banigala?

By Sarmad Ali

Murree’s Governor House was at the complete disposal of Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, claims Chief Minister Usman Buzdar’s spokesman Shahbaz Gill claims in a video he uploaded on Monday.

“This was the way Hamza and company used this house at the expense of the national exchequer,” he said.

But will Gill take us through to 300 kanal Bani-gala of Imran Khan as people would like to see how our “honest” prime minister lives.

The Sharifs were known for living a Mughal king like life. Now it’s reversal of fortune for Sharifs….as both Nawaz and Hamza are in jail waiting a parchi that frees them. Pak Destiny


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