How Capital TV shutdown but Geo remains ‘untouchable’

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, April 28 (Pak Destiny) The Geo’s power could be seen with reference to Capital TV.
Almost a year ago in Ejaz Haider’s program on Capital TV a guest used objectionable words about then army chief Gen Kayani. PEMRA put Capital off air without wasting a few minutes – the same day. Who ordered PEMRA then to off

air Capital – ISI or Army or PPP government? Answer is left for you.
Capital TV returned after submitting a written apology to the quarters concerned few days later.
But when Geo TV started bashing ISI chief Zaheerul Islam for eight hours after attack on Hamid Mir PEMRA did not shutdown it.
Big why? Answer is; Capital TV is owned by Ahmed Riaz Shiekh, a buddy of Asif Zardari. Quarters concerned don’t like Zardari therefore in minutes his friend’s TV is shutdown. But Geo, the most popular one, has ties with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his team. Here ISI fails. Zardari remained a favourite ‘punching bag’ but Nawaz is not. Rather he doesn’t allow. So as long as Nawaz patronising Geo/Jang, ISI can’t teach it a lesson for its chief bashing. Does it make point? – Pak Destiny

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