Huawei puts Google controversy to rest, all popular Apps be available on its smartphones

Huawei puts Google controversy to rest, all popular Apps be available on its smartphones

By Zulqarnain 

     Putting to the Chinese mobile company and Google controversy to rest, Huawei says that there has been “fluctuations” in its business in Pakistan and elsewhere since the US government announced restrictions on it this May but the  popular android Apps have assured that their collaboration will continue with it.

    “We have the ability to develop our own Operating System (OS) but since the Google and other android Apps assured to be available on Huawei mobile sets we are not launching it (OS) at the moment,” newly-appointed Huawei Country Manager Scott Zhao Huang told journalists here on Monday.

      There have been reports of decline in Huawei mobile sets following Trump administration’s decision to place it on the so-called Entity List claiming it is posing a “national security threat”.

     The Chinese company believes that June 29’s President Trump’s statement affirming “the US companies are allowed to continue selling products to Huawei” is itself vivid on this issue and it will remove misconceptions in this respect. 

Huawei Pakistan Manager Scott Zhao Huang

    Earlier, Google had said it would continue to support existing Huawei smartphones but future devices would not have its flagship apps and services, including maps, Gmail and search. “Only basic services would be available for future versions of the Android operating system on Huawei’s smartphones.”

    Dispelling this impression, Mr Haung said: “All Huawei smartphones have all the Apps and are fully functioning.”

     To a question on impact of Huawei-Google controversy on its sale and market share in theg second quarter of the year, Mr Huang said: “It was fluctuated but as a whole it did not have much impact on its sale.  The pre-shipment order of its new product launched today is at least 300 per cent higher than the same generation handsets of the previous.”

   According to reports, Samsung led global smartphone sales in the first quarter of this year with a 23.1 per cent share, Huawei was second with 19 per cent followed by Apple at 11.7 per cent. – Pak Destiny  

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