Maryam’s wearing IGP cap and social media battle — what coming next from Maryam’s part?

By Irum Saleem

 Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s wearing of Punjab police uniform on the occasion of a passing out ceremony of women constables is still talk of the town and being debated on social media with “drama queen” title getting credence.

   The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has termed Maryam’s action nothing short of a big joke.

    Even a petition was filed in a Lahore’s sessions court by advocate Aftab Bajwa seeking registration of a criminal case against the CM for wearing police uniform and cap in violation of the law. “Maryam Nawaz has committed an offence under sections 170, 171 and 419 of Pakistan Penal Code by wearing the Punjab Police uniform,” Bajwa claimed.

    The controversy was also one of top trends on X (formerly) on Thursday with comments both in her favour and against.

     “Jokes write themselves,” PTI leader and former federal minister Moonis Elahi said on X. He retweeted: “Cap & stick of an IG and a constable’s ranks for the uniform Maryam Nawaz wore – who did that?”

       Opposition leader in National Assembly Omar Ayub said it seemed that some joke was going on. “Children usually wear uniform of police and else to fulfill their desire. Pakistan cuts a sorry figure because of such actions of the CM (Maryam),” he said.

      PTI’s Shahbaz Gill linked Maryam’s appearance to her father (Nawaz Sharif)’s known affinity for films, suggesting she was merely ‘performing a role’. He humorously cautioned her against extending her role-playing to other professionals like doctor or army man

     “In the whole world the head of the states would wear uniform of their forces to enhance their respect. Nawaz Sharif had done the same thing when he was in power and CM Maryam has followed him,” Punjab Information Minister Azma Bokhari said in a statement.

     The Punjab police also came to rescue of the CM saying that she was entitled to wear the police uniform. “This has been widely celebrated by the police personnel who view it as a commendable show of solidarity. Female police officers are celebrating the event have shared various pictures of the CM in uniform,” a Punjab police spokesperson said.

    What Maryam Nawaz wants to prove — she a good actor …wanted to do acts in films? PAK DESTINY

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