‘PHA Vice-Chairman-Anchor’ Iftikhar Ahmed joins Dunya TV while Mian Amer still obsessed by Kamran Khan

By Iram Salim

Islamabad (Pakdestiny) Mian Amer Mahmood is a businessman as he can never become a businessman-cum-journalist.
This is evident from his crazy celebration of having ‘tainted and controversial’ Kamran Khan in Dunya TV. But in case of Iftikhar Ahmed who is better journalist than KK Mian Amer preferred to announce his joining the Dunya TV through a single column news at his newspaper showing he is poor judgement about the stature of the anchors and reporters. Amer seems to be badly influenced by KK.
Although Iftikhar who quit BOL along with KK and other had choices to join other channels but he preferred to join Dunya.
Unlike KK, Iftikhar had defended BOL for paying handsome salaries to journalists. He criticized the media owners for paying Rs10,000 to some journalists as monthly salary which is not the minimum salary of a labourer. It is hoped Mr Iftikhar will raise this issue on his new platform.
Iftikhar Ahmed who is holding a position of vice-chairman Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) of the Punjab will have to leave this job to tell the people that he is not a “paid-PML anchor”. Otherwise he will be like many others in the field – spokesmen of PML-N in media industry. Pakdestiny

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