Imran-Alvi telephonic conversation recorded by IB?

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) After PTI chairman Imran Khan and its general secretary Arif Alvi’s telephonic conversation hit the headlines, the PTI circles believe it is handy work of Intelligence Bureau (IB) to record their mobile phone conversation.
“Since IB is under the prime minister and had been tasked to tap telephone calls of opposition and journalists, the government is now releasing to gain political mileage and tarnish the image of the PTI and Imran Khan,” says a PTI leader.
In the conversation Imran Khan saying its better the protesters entered the PTV building. It will put further pressure on Prime Nawaz Sharif to resign.
As there was a general impression that the ISI was supporting the PTI, IB was given a special task to keep an eye on PTI leaders during Islamabad sit-ins. Pak Destiny

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