Imran exposes “six rigging puppets” of Sharifs, demands strict action against them

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) PTI Chairman Imran Khan today disclosed the names ‘six rigging puppets’ of the Sharifs who played a major role in gifting a number of National Assembly seats to the PML-N in May 2013 elections.
Former chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, former judge and friend of Iftikhar, Ramday, election commission’s members Riaz Kiyani and Mahboob Anwar, election commission’s secretary Ishtiaq Ahmed and former Punjab caretaker chief minister Najam Sethi.
Imran said these Sharifs’ puppets had played their role in massive rigging in Punjab province. Ramday was the incharge of the PMLN election cell whose task was to get work from ROs to ensure rigging. He had asked Nawaz Sharif to make election winning speech at the time when only 15 per cent result was out. Ramday asked him to give message to ROs to give him majority. it was shameless. Mahboob Anwar and Riaz Kiyani got thousands of new ballot papers to hand over to PMLN for stuffing fake votes in ballot boxes. Iftikhar ensure that Imran’s election petition were not taken up by judiciary.
He demanded all those involved in rigging should be punished for their shameless role. He said how the Sharifs later showered favours on these six for their notorious role in rigging.
He also said: “Nawaz Sharif is the Hosni Mubarak of Pakistan,” said Imran. “People are scared that if they come on the streets, the military will come. “There are thousands protesting in Britain (in favour of Palestinians). Is the military coming (in Britain)?” he remarked.
The PTI chief reiterated that the army is not the solution, and that his party does not support martial law.
“Our protest will be peaceful,” he assured. “If something like the Model Town incident happens again, it would take the country towards destruction,” he said. -PAK DESTINY

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