Imran Khan and Naeemul Haque Proposed Me : Ayesha Gulalai Revealed

Ayesha Gulalai has blasted two new bombs on PTI and its leadership. She revealed that Chairman PTI Imran Khan and Naeemul Haque both wanted to marry her and Imran Khan proposed her first.

She added to her previous disclosures that Imran Khan not only sent her lewd messages but also proposed. But it was unclear that what actually Imran Khan wanted. Means either he wanted to flirt with Ayesha Gulalai or he was serious.

Naeemul Haque also proposed her, she stated in Asma Sherazi’s talk show. Not only that she said

Naeemul Haque told him that he’s very lonely and want to get married. Let see what she says in this breaking video clip. | PakDestiny

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