Some ‘words’ haunting PM Khan who is chained, cannot dare to sack railway minister, what a pity

imran khan unable to take resignation from azam khan swati

By Sarmad Ali

There are several video clips that would be haunting Imran Khan, the prime minister. Khan must have been thinking that has he not given such statements.

One of these statements include his historic saying after a train crash during PMLN era, “the railway minister must resign. When a train accident takes place any where in the civilized world the railway minister resigns.” These were the very words of Imran Khan once upon a time. Now he has to eat his words which are causing him belly ache.

What a shame for him. Khan should stick his saying and should have taken resignation from first Sheikh Rashid for Rahim Yar Khan rail accident in which over 70 people mostly Tableeghi Jamaat members were killed.

If any shame left with him he must take resign from current railway minister Azam Sawati. But he will not because he doesn’t get blackmailed but in actual he is being blackmailed from every one. PAK DESTINY

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