Imran Khan was expecting a Bhutto like upset BUT this is where he went wrong…

By Anam Fayyaz

There are three classes in Pakistan

Upper class
middle class
lower working class

Imran splendidly targeted upper and middle and thats who will end up winning him majority of the seats

but these don’t consist of majority of Pakistan. 70% of the Pakistanis are lower working class that he did not do a good job at all

If you look what Bhutto did, that’s who he targeted.

I was just talking to my father and he told me that Bhutto would randomly show up to any street and talk to a ‘chabri wala’, hug them and what not. I know sounds like a drama but it is required in our country.

When I talked to people like drivers and lower working class, I always got the sense that they don’t know nothing about imran’s politics. They only knew him as a cricket. This is why you see massive support on social media. Any poll you look at, PTI is winning with land slide victory but unfortunately this isn’t a ground reality.

Am I upset? Absolutely NOT!

It is Allah’s plan. IK will come into power eventually but he needs a bit of more refining.

Hey, what else do you want? 1 seat to 40 seats. He had no previous experience of running a province. Allah wants him to go step by step so he is a diamond when he reaches the Big seat.

Now IK needs to show the other provinces whats he got by running KPK how should a province be run, InshAllah!

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