Imran mulling to boycott Jang/Geo group again

By Raza Ruman

(Pakddstiny.com) Mir Shakilur Rehman (MSR), the owner of the Jang/Geo media group, has not forgotten what PTI Chairman Imran Khan has done to him and his group during the time of Islamabad sit-in.
Khan used harsh words about MSR and boycotted his media giant. Now his show is over. Despite reconciliation brokered between the two by the common friends MSR does not seem to spare him.
The whole group fully played up Imran-Reham divorce saga. And even it set up plan to tease him on the issue like asking ‘indecent’ questions through its members in his media interaction.
Sources said Khan is upset over the attitude of the MSR and told his common friends that he may boycott this group again.
Let’s see how long continue enjoying playing with Khan? Pakdestiny

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