Jang media group is paying less than minimum salary of Rs13,000 to a number of its workers


By Raza Ruman
(Pakdestiny.com) The federal and provincial governments in their last budget announced the minimum salary of Rs13,000 but the Jang media group still paying its workers just Rs.12,000, isn’t it strange that the champion of people’s rights is violating the rights of its workers.

The irony is that there are many employees of the group who are working in the organization more than 20 years and still getting Rs12,000 salary.jornalists

Why the PFUJ and other journalist bodies are silent about this grave injustice. The journalist criticizing government policies in their TV shows are tight-lipped over the issues in media houses. It seems that the Jang group is above the law and untouchable as the government has failed to implement its own decisions in this group.

A worker said the Jang group even does not pay Eid Advance to its workers during eid. The group in its newspapers and channel claimed that due to inflation and price hike it is impossible for a common man to survive and make a budget with Rs25,000 but champion of journalism are the hypocrites.

He said that there are many employees who have not received their contract letters since 7-8 years resultantly no raise for these years.-Pakdestiny.com

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