Imran optimistic to get Sharif this time


By Sarmad Ali

(Pakdestiny) PTI Chairman Imran Khan this time is optimistic that he will get Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif removed in the wake of his alleged corruption in Panamagate scandal.
“Mr Khan is not thinking about failure of 2014 sit-in. He has left behind this and moves ahead to get Sharif this time,” a PTI leader close to Khan told Pak Destiny. “If we fail to get Sharif this time it means he will emerge even more stronger after 2018 elections and establishment too will be under him,” he said.

On the other hand Imran Khan manages to put up good show in Lahore on Saturday. He was so up beat that he demanded: “Nawaz Sharif’s name should be placed on ECL till the conclusion of the probe into his family members’ off shore holdings revealed in the Panama Papers. The Supreme Court should order placing his name on the ECL,” Khan said while addressing the rally, adding, Sharif will be in jail when he comes to power.
Imran Khan further said his party would march towards Sharif’s Raiwind residence after Eidul Azha (this month) if he (Nawaz) fails to respond his four questions about making assets abroad.”Nawaz must tell the Pakistani nation how he made billions of rupees and then transferred it abroad. How much tax he paid on the money through which he purchased apartments in London,” he said. Khan said if Nawaz Sharif thinks he will get away from Panama Leaks, he is seriously mistaken. “Panamagate will not leave Nawaz Sharif,” he said.
Khan also urged the heads of National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Federal Investigation to act and start probe against Nawaz Sharif and his family members for their off-shore holdings. He also declared Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) a B-team of ruling PML-N.
He said Nawaz Sharif wants the Panama Papers issue to be investigated according to laws dictated by his government. “Along with militant terrorism, Pakistan is also facing economic terrorism,” he said, adding the PML-N is destroying the institutions to avoid accountability.
“I warn the monarchy of Sharifs that our protest is peaceful, so they better not provoke us,” he said.
Iman Khan also praised Army Chief General Raheel Sharif for refusing to accept extension of his tenure and the new office of field marshal. “Nawaz Sharif tried to bribe Gen Raheel by offering him extension and the office of field marshal but he refused. We salute Gen Raheel,” Imran Khan said. – Pak Destiny


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