Imran says Mir Shakil tried to blackmail him

By Irfan Syed

Islamabad, May 6 (Pak Destiny) PTI chairman Imran Khan has vowed to expose Jang group owner Mir Shakilur Rehman.

“MSR should better come out of his bunker in Dubai and face me. This guy is used to deal with politicians here who have stakes. But now he is facing a man who is not an ordinary politician having no black money or stakes,” Khan said in an interview with Jasmeen Manzoor.
Khan further said MSR tried to blackmail him. But he would fail and “I expose him”. Khan also talked about how the PML-N bought anchors before May 11 elections.
Khan said he would not let this ‘blackmailer’ to play dirty politics sitting in Dubai. – Pak Destiny
Watch Khan’s interview here

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