Imran sees 2024 polls ‘mother of all rigging’ but now wants all this to end

Imran sees 2024 polls 'mother of all rigging' but now wants all this to end

By Irum Saleem

   PTI founder leader Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan said the PTI chief has termed the February 8 elections “mother of all rigging”.

   Aleema who met her brother at Adiala Jail on Tuesday said the public’s mandate was “stolen” in the aftermath of the elections. She stated that Imran strongly condemned the suspension of internet services, which he claimed was used to “hide the real results”.

   “Imran Khan also expressed concerns regarding the safety of the former Rawalpindi commissioner. “

Now Khan sahib wants all this to end and demands the real mandate of the public should be handed over,” she said.

 And every citizen is also expecting all this to end. And let Pakistan to move forward. PAK DESTINY

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