Indian films should be banned in Pakistan : Mustafa Qureshi

Keeping in light the ensuing tensions between India and Pakistan, prominent Pakistani actor Mustafa Qureshi has called for a ban on Bollywood flicks.

Pakistani actor Mustafa Qureshi has been known not to mince his words. Most recently, he spoke out against Indian films and stated that they should be banned in Pakistan.

Mustafa Qureshi also stated that if a ban was not placed on Bollywood films, then Pakistanis would take to the streets and protest against them. Speaking to a private news agency, Qureshi also said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always had a biased attitude towards Pakistanis and Muslims.

He also said that Pakistanis were well aware of Modi’s anti-Pakistan stance and that most recently, when Shiv Sena forced Pakistani ghazal maestro Ustad Ghulam Ali from performing in Mumbai and Pune. Incidents of Dadri lynching and other acts of violence in which Muslims were victimized also made it to the headlines in India.

Hence, commenting on the situation, Qureshi said that acts such as these exposed the Indian government’s nefarious designs for Pakistan. He said that it would be futile to expect anything from this Indian government and that Pakistan must not co-operate at all with the Indian administration.

“However much you condemn the Indian government, it is less,” said Mustafa Qureshi. “National interest is dear to us, not Bollywood films. These films are not our compulsion.”

He also said that currently those Bollywood films which were on display in cinemas should be banned as soon as possible. He warned that if the government did not take concrete steps to ban Indian films, the public would be forced to come out on the streets to protest.

“All Pakistani artists working in India should boycott Bollywood films and return back home as soon as possible.”

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