Indian lobby in Pakistan also helped Sethi get PCB chairman slot

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, Feb 11 (Pak Destiny) While the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf has alleged that anchor Najam Sethi has been rewarded for committing rigging on 35 seats in Punjab in his capacity as acting chief minister of the province in the May elections, Zaka Ashraf and many others believe that a ‘powerful Indian lobby’ close to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif paved Sethi’s way back to the chairman’s slot of the Pakistan Cricket Board.
“Even Sethi was in a position to blackmail the PML-N government. He has a secret of rigging and if he discloses his contribution in rigging the last general elections in Punjab the PML-N will have no moral ground to stay in power,” a sources in PTI told Pak Destiny.
On the other hand, as PCB under Zaka Ashraf did not vote to “Big Three” primarily led by Indian Cricket Board, the Indians activated its lobby in Pakistan that helped brought Sethi back who was booted out by the Islamabad High Court earlier. “The Indian lobby got active after teh PCB did not vote for it and brought back its man,” Zaka said.
A powerful media of Pakistan is also accused of furthering Indian agenda in the country. Another channel – ARY – has filed a case in the court against it.
It is very much likely that the court sets aside the prime minister open violation of its order and again reinstate Zaka Ashraf. Sethi should better become private secretary to the prime minister and get a status of a federal minister approved from his boss. Pak Destiny

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