Is Hamza Shahbaz operating as defacto chief minister ‘underground’?

By Ssarmad Ali

Is Hamza Shahbaz operating as defacto chief minister ‘underground’? The answer seems to be in affirmative.
Sources told Pak Destiny that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had ordered his son, Hamza, to go ‘underground’ (no media exposure) and operate ‘silently’.
As Shahbaz is in London these days Hamza is running the Punjab province. “Since the Sharif family is receiving a lot of criticism from all political quarters for its dynastic style of politics, its elders have decided not to bring forth its young lot for the time being. Therefore the Sharifs young lot is operating underground,” a PML-N insider said. He said no DPO in Punjab and no SHO is Lahore is posted without the approval of Hamza.
Lets see how long Hamza and company keep calling the shot behind the scene. Pak Destiny

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