Is it BOL with ‘Shah Rukh Khan Kay Sath’ a crazy act

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, July 29 (Pak Destiny) The way BOL media group is gloating over having anchor Kamran Khan on board it seems Shah Rukh Khan has agreed to do a program on BOL instead of him, “BOL Shah Rukh Khan Ka Sath”.
BOL channel which has yet to come out is behaving like it has conquered something invincible.
It is celebrating Kamran Khan’s break up with Geo as it has knocked out the whole Jang group.
The full page ad of Kamran’s joining BOL in different newspapers including Dawn and Express depicting ‘hollow happiness’ of the BOL brains.
What they want to prove – a chattering guy like Kamran Khan is a big star. If they do they must be living in fools paradise.
The BOL management can not make anchors stars. Tomorrow they will be just doing their usual programs on it making fun of guests, preaching and predicting the fall of the government. So nothing is new most people are fed up with this anchors stuff as they have reverted to entertainment programs and Kamran and his like are no more entertainers.
So BOL or any other organisation should better act sensibly and stop giving huge ads like the anchors are going to ‘reveal’ something new in their programs on BOL network.
Going through the ad ‘BOL Kamran Kay Sath’ it seems don’t miss out his funny chattering as it is better than “Comedy Nights With Kapil”. – Pak Destiny

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