Is this my reward? Govt’s apathy towards actors

By Hamza Mumtaz and  Muhammad Uzair


IT is said that the world of showbiz is a dreamland where an individual can get whatever he desires . The field of entertainment is too vast to be discussed but the difficult task regarding this particular field is to put smile and spread happiness on the faces of audience.

Many Celebrities belong to the field of entertainment who earn both fame and Money. They Became so popular that even their devotee (Admirers) are always eager to have even a single glimpse of their celebrities .

Time is Fleeting Unchecked and it’s no One’s friend. So, a Time comes when a man loses everything even the identity. Those who enjoyed the fame yesterday now need an eye of mercy. Among them there is an actress Nusrat Ara Who worked in a well known PTV drama serial Ainak Wala Jin in 1990’s as bil Batori . She Once lived in hearts of almost every child in late 1990’s and now ! She is compeled to Live in an abandoned rented House and moreover she oftenly has to concern data darbar for Food . She is Left with no money to cure herself .

Another Actor of the Same Drama Named Abdul Matloob- ur- Rehman Munna Lahori Who worked as Zakoota Jin. He started his career in 1964. He has worked in 4000 dramas and movies. He is also

Suffering from Disorder( Paralyze ) but has no Money for treatment. They are Looking for government support. These are not the Only artists who are facing carelessness of Government but there are many other artists who are now no more among us, They had also been victims of Government Carelessness like Mastana , babu baral and Mahmood Khan . The dilemma of our society is that these precious artist are not given their original space by Government . These Things spread Disappointment leads to suicide acts So , government Should Play a Vital Role to save these helpless artist.

I Suggest Government Authorities to Make artist houses just like old houses where they should be provided all physical and medical facilities and they Should be treated as other human being like we are living our Life.


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