Ishaq Dar becomes talk of the town for his ‘BBC folly’

Ishaq Dar becomes talk of the town for his 'BBC folly'

By Irum Bokhari

Instead of defending the case of the Sharif family, Ishaq Dar has brought further embarrassment to it in an interview to BBC.

At the very first place Dar should not have to offer his head to the most lethal program of BBC “The Hard Talk”.

One of the stupid and idiotic version is being run here in Pakistan by Dr Moeed Peerzada by copying the same name. Peerzada should be ashamed of it for plagiarism.

Coming back to Dar, the poor chap got confused especially when the host asked him about his properties.

Nawaz Sharif must have snubbed him for cutting a sorry figure in the interview. Dar was tasked by Nawaz to take on the military leadership and Imran Khan but he failed to do so.

Both Pakistani media and social media went wild after the broadcast of this interview. Dar was brutally grilled by social media users.

This interview provided a much impetuous to Khan and his team to lash at him and Sharifs.

Even PM Khan said today that he saw Dar’s interview. One wonders how come he takes out time from so much pressing engagements being “prime minister” for such things.

A social media user says: “Dear Stephen thanks for exposing the corrupt thief. You exposed this thug by asking simple questions. Unfortunately nawaz sharif buys journalists in pakistan so no one asks him these simple questions. Pakistanis are thankful to you for brilliant interview.”

On the other hand one Amjad Malik writes: “Good to listen to both side’s arguements,thanks to media freedom/BBC. In Pakistan,an Oxford grad PM bans any&every one who offers critique/exposes his economy of devaluation,negative GDP, lack of governance, incomplete CPEC/Metro, corruption policy from Tareen to Papa John Pizza”. PAK DESTINY

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