Jang group jumps to final conclusion – ISI is behind attack on Hamid Mir

By Raza Ruman
Islamabad, April 19 (Pak Destiny) Not Taliban – it is ISI behind attack on Hamid Mir, Hamid’s brother Amir Mir alleged.

“My brother is facing threats from ISI, not Taliban,” Amir said and added taht Mir had told his family and Jang Group that

The Jang group concludes hours after attack on Mir that ISI is behind it. Since it appears that a number of GEO anchors are supporting the Taliban the ultimate blame is to be squared on ISI.

Today unknown gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on Hamid Mir in Karachi injuring him.

Reports said the incident took place on Sharae Faisal near Natha Khan area when the gunmen opened fire on his vehicle around 5:30pm.

The journalist was on his way to his office from the airport when he was attacked.

Mir was taken to a private hospital for emergency treatment. The journalist received three gunshots and was taken to the hospital in a state of unconsciousness.

Mir is now reported to have regained consciousness and hospital admin say his condition is out of danger.

“Mir had more threats from extremists than ISI,” Amir Mir said and alleged that Hamid had made ISI chief Gen Zaheerul Islam responsible if he was attacked.

The Jang group should better wait the investigation findings before launching attack on ISI. In other words the group is saying that it has no threat from Taliban … because they are with it. – Pak Destiny

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