Imran wants to compete Shahbaz on marriage count too… still looking for his dream girl, let’s see if he finds in Bushra

imran khan shahbaz sharif compete marriages

By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) It appears Imran Khan not only wants to compete with Shahbaz Sharif in 2018 election front but also on marriage count.

Shahbaz married four times and list of his wives are – Nustrat, Aliya, Tahmina and Kulsoom – while Imran two times – Jamima and Reham – as his third marriage is in the pipeline with his spiritual leader Bushra.

Will Bushra be Khan’s dream girl?

Both are in their 60s but they seem to have a heart of 25. PTI leaders and workers are at dismay over their Imran Khan’s libido-based decision that earns a lot of flak for him from across section of society. Poor Khan, still looking for his dream girl… how sad he is still struggling to find her at the age of 67. Perhaps he needs many more years to find his dream girl.
Shahbaz perhaps has found his dream girl in the form of Tahmina Durani. PTI is facing a lot of embarrassment because of its leader’s another stupid decision just before this year’s election. Many call him insane, not fit for politics. – Pak Destiny

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