Journalist Matiullah Jan’s ‘mysterious silence’ on social media after being released by his ‘abductors’

Journalist Matiullah Jan's 'mysterious silence' on social media after being released by his 'abductors'

By Irum Saleem

Mystery shrouds the kidnapping of journalist Matiullah Jan as he is still silent about the suspects. Mati has not yet recorded his statement before police. Mati was abducted last week in Islamabad but was released after few hours detention.

Who abducted him? Mati is not sharing this even on social media the platform where he used to remain active 24/7. Why he is silent? Has he got the message of those who abducted him. Why he doesn’t narrat his abduction episode?

Why he did not choose his ordeal with his PMLN and PPP sympathisers?
Mati who is know for his irritating style of quizzing others… Will he mind giving answers to these questions.

Silence of Matiullah Jan on social media tells that he is following the message at least for the time being. PAK DESTINY


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