Rauf Klasra moves to another ‘C grade’ TV channel but never stops of boasting about his rating

rauf klasra joins aap news,Rauf Klasra moves to another 'C grade' TV channel but never stops of boasting about his rating

By Raza Ruman

The so-called anti-establishment anchor Rauf Klasra has joined the AAP News, a channel that has the reputation of the backing of the establishment.

The so-called honest anchor whom his fellow anchor Matiullah Jan had exposed on Dawn News claims that he had offers from the established channels but he and Amir Mateen preferred Aftab Iqbal’s AAP TV.

Whom Kalasra is trying to fool. Had he had good offer from any reputable channel he wouldn’t have spared a minute to join it. Don’t we know our great anchors.

From C grade 92 News to C grade AAP channel this is the ground reality of Kalasra and Mateen’s decision.

Kalasra should stop acting as a symbol of honesty as his pick and choose in targeting some politicians at someone behest is known to every one.

We will see what kind of sermons he gives on AAP TV along with another danishwar. Pak Destiny

Anchor Matiullah Jan also had exposed Rauf Klasra on Dawn News few years back


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