King Salman refuses to meet Nawaz Sharif

By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) Saudi King Salman refused to meet Pakistan ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif as the former returned only after meeting crown prince Mohammad.

“The Saudi royal family kept Sharif waiting for two days and finally on Monday only crown prince Mohammad bin Salman met him. King Salman however refused to him,” an official source told Pak Destiny. Earlier, Mr Sharif’s scheduled meeting with Crown Prince Mohammad on Monday cancelled. “Today the crown prince finally called Nawaz and discussed the matters not known to any one.

However it is being speculated that one of these – Sharif brothers’ alleged attempt to get another National Reconciliation Order (NRO) in order to get relief from corruption cases, mending relations with the royal family that were strained in the wake of the Yemen conflict, advising the elder Sharif to stop targeting the Pakistani judiciary and military or publicly nominating Shahbaz as the PML-N’s candidate for prime minister – has been discussed in the Nawaz-Mohammad meeting.

It is a big development that King Salman straightaway refused to meet the Sharif brothers. “It shows trouble for the Sharifs is not over as Saudi Arabia seems to be reluctant to help the embattled family which is facing corruption cases in Pakistan,” the official said, adding Nawaz on his failure to meet the king is returning today evening. – Pak Destiny


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