Leaked Pictures : Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omar spotted wearing bikini

Though these leaked pictures of Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omar are bit old but you might not have seen a couple of them or may be not a single one. We have the complete set of leaked pictures of Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omar who were spotted wearing bikinis in Thailand.

Generally speaking these pictures are shocking and scandalous to only those who have “Naik Parveen” image of these actresses in their mind. Otherwise they are just professional actors. And ACTOR means “Behroopia” in urdu so these actors become “Naik” during Ramdan, Dancers on Lux Awards, Intellectuals in Morning Shows and wear shortest possible dresses whenever they find the right place (i.e night clubs and in western countries etc).

We also found the trend on the web that  Pakistani people are quite interested in finding both Maria and Ayesha’s wedding pictures and their husband’s name but for your info both Maria and Ayesha  are unmarried.

So for a “Aam Pakistani” watching Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omar in “Chotay Kapray” is indeed “Shocking”. | PakDestiny
Video compilation of Ayesha and Maria’s Pictuers

Some Missing Pics in the video


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