‘Liberals will sail through Pakistan’ Fauzia

By Sadia Shah

fauzia-wahabLahore, Feb 13 (Pakdestiny.com) People with fundamentalist thinking cannot change the destiny of Pakistan. We will have to pin hope on liberal approach, says PPP parliamentarian Fauzia Wahab.

In an interview with Pakdestiny.com Ms Wahab says liberal democratic forces can change the destiny of Pakistan and help it achieve its goals – eradicating poverty and educating the people.

She regrets most politicians are busy playing “blame game” and have stopped talking about something constructive. “The country is changing gradually but no one is ready to accept this change. Today’s Pakistan is not the same as it was 20 to 30 years back. 1n 2012 Pakistan will be a different place to live in. Our political and socio-economic dynamics have changed but our leadership is not ready to understand the call for change”.

While talking about religious fundamentalism, she said, ‘’It is extremely dangerous, our country has lost so many precious lives including Mohtarma Banazir Bhutto (Former Prime Minister of Pakistan), Salman Taseer (Former Governor of Punjab) and Shahbaz Bhatti (Former Federal Minister for Minorities), for daring to challenge extremism .”

Ms Wahab who is assistant political secretary to President Zardari says it is time to redefine all social classes – upper, middle and lower. She said: “We still believe that people neither have enough to eat nor respectable clothing and a proper shelter yet we are not as poor as we were 30 years ago.”

She further says that we should stop blaming on each other and focus more on economic stability of the country. Agencies

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