Like Guinness World Record, the UK cricketers participated in Punjab Youth Festival also turned out big ‘fake’

By Raina Khan

London, April 9 (Pak Destiny) The government of Punjab especially the Minister of Sports Rana Mashood has emerged as the biggest “Mamoo” after a UK businessman Toha Qureshi MBE and his public relations assistant, Azhar Javaid who also works part time for Dunya TV in UK threw dust in the minister’s eyes and sold to him a team of so-called A-League cricket players who actually have never never cricket players. The scandal had all the similarities with that of the Guinness Book of World Records controversy.
The team dubbed “England Pak 11” was led by MBE who loves getting photographed with politicians and is known for announcing scholarships for students without ever actually giving scholarship to anyone, and he has never touched a bat in his life.
GEO TV had also aired a report by Ummay Farwa from Lahore in which three “British cricket team players” were questioned about their credentials – one is seen in the report turning to another player asking ‘where I am from Britain?’ the second when questioned about professional cricket said ‘I am not a professional player’; and the third refused to answer questions saying “I do not know anything about the Punjab Youth Festival and what the whole fuss was about.”
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According to a source in the Ministry of Sports in the Punjab government, it became clear that the so-called players had nothing to do with the game of the cricket but the ministry had no choice but to let them remain part of the ‘Punjab Youth Festival’ or it could have created a huge storm.
The “England Pak 11” was such a fraud that some guys were rented in Lahore, given the cricket uniform and asked to play for 1,500 a day and free food. 4 such ‘players’ have never known where England is and they have played in the streets. Of those who were taken from London, one is a drug addict and he needs a joint every few hours and has been seen trembling in and around the dressing room, the sports ministry source said.
The ministry sources say Mr Toaha Qureshi and Javaid have been paid £70,000 for the purpose. The two also allegedly charged from the ‘players’ from London for taking them to a distinguished sports event and media exposure. Both could be seen in the UK team wearing kit. How the government is easily being fooled.
Can someone ask the Punjab Government on what basis were these people allowed to take part? Why waste public money? What are the bios of the people seen in this picture? Who are they? How many are from Britain and how many from Pakistan? Who made and how much from this deal? Who made the deal? – Pak Destiny


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