Malik Riaz comes to rescue model Ayyan on Rehman Malik’s request

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Property tycoon Malik Riaz has come to rescue model Ayyan on the request of former interior minister Rehman Malik.
In order to prove her innocent in the court it has been ensured that Ayyan had sold her property against Rs5 crore and she was not smuggling someone’s $500,000 (Rs5 crore) to Dubai from Islamabad.
A legitimate deal has been prepared involving all sold property in Bahria Town Karachi to benefit her. “And this has been done on the request of Rehman Malik to Malik Riaz,” official sources told Pak Destiny. They wondered how coincidentally all property worth over Rs5 crore Ayyan had in Bahria Town. “How smartly these guys are fooling the people and the court. This can only happen here,” they said.
According to Customs officials, Ayyan maintains that she acquired the money by selling property. They informed the court, which was presided by Judge Mumtaz Hassan Chaudhry, that Ayyan’s property dealer presented documentary evidence to show that he sold five properties that Ayyan owned in Karachi’s Bahria Town.
Customs officials on Wednesday opposed the detention of supermodel Ayyan, who was detained for attempting to fly out with $506,000, as a category B ‘VIP’ inmate at Rawalpindi’s Adiala jail which entitles her to several privileges not available to other inmates .
They submitted a written response requesting the Customs court in Rawalpindi to reject Ayyan’s plea which proposes that she should be detained as a class B inmate.
In her plea, Ayyan’s lawyer Khurram Latif Khosa had maintained that Ayyan should be awarded Class B status as she is a well-known figure and is not habitual of a less-than-comfortable lifestyle.
Customs officials claimed that since Ayyan is currently detained on judicial remand in a case of money-laundering, she does not merit a class B inmate status.
As a category B inmate in the Adiala Jail, notorious for housing terrorists and high profile criminals among its 4,500 inmates, supermodel Ayyan enjoys the selective privileges that celebdom affords.
A natural beneficiary of the ubiquitous ‘VIP culture’, Ayyan has been provided a room of her own in the ladies barracks of the jail, as well as a female helper who cleans and fetches meals.
While the special treatment afforded to Ayyan is just a notch below the privileges enjoyed by ‘category A’ detainees, a term used by jail authorities for ‘VVIPs’, her room in the jail includes a charpoy for her to sleep on.
All inmates at Adiala jail are allowed to send for food, and Ayyan is no exception. She is being provided food and water from outside the jail.
Ayyan was catching flight EK-651 to Dubai in the early hours of Saturday when she was detained by airport security. The scanners had picked up irregularities with her luggage, and customs officials soon discovered a sum of $506,800 in her bag. Ironically, Ayyan had released a number titled ‘Making Dollars’ just five months prior to her arrest. Pak Destiny

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